Is a Co-working Space Worth the Cost if You’re Already Working from Home

Is a Co-working Space Worth the Cost if You’re Already Working from Home?

Co-working has exploded globally over the past five years. According to a study, there are more than 900,000 people working out of co-working spaces till date. The largest companies in this space have secured several million dollars in funding to help expand their global footprint. Let’s find out what do co-working spaces have that your home doesn’t!

If you are someone like me who has spent several years working out of your home office, then the move to a co-working space can be a difficult decision to make. Let’s be honest, working from home has few pros — and a few cons too. The biggest advantage is the time you save in commuting. Other advantages, like being able to take care of household errands, is a major plus too. But it’s also true that working from home can be incredibly lonely, especially if your job does not require you to talk or interact with a lot of people. Secondly, at home, you are the one handling your internet’s never-ending mood-swings. A co-working space would spare you this head-ache for sure! And never forget that constant nagging voice in your head asking for a Netflix dose every few minutes, which, in a co-working space would surely be a tad embarrassing to do!

Are co-working spaces too distracting?

It is true that you will be dealing with a lot more noise and chatter here than working from home. But what we have also noticed is that these minor distractions tend to keep you awake. The silence at home might make you doze off or look for a distraction every once in a while. Whereas, In a co-working space, surrounded by people working diligently, you are even more motivated to work with dedication and be extra productive.


Networking or no networking?

Some people love networking. Others dread it.

While some individuals are not inherently introverts, but when it comes to work, they would rather have an uninterrupted environment. Unlike popular perception, coworking does not necessarily mean you automatically must flash smiles to a dozen of strangers you have no intention of befriending. There are all kinds of people in a coworking space, and people who choose to focus on work can do so without any problem. Most of our PopCorn Studio members can easily vouch for the unhindered mental and physical space they were provided for their work span. Being able to finish work quickly this way, some people also then stick around for others who might require guidance, hence encouraging a supportive atmosphere.

The best part is, if you are a startup looking to find promotors or partners for your business, then a co-working space like PopCorn Studio provides you the best opportunity. You are regularly invited to, and encouraged to attend community events & social baithaks that can help you find like-minded people who share your passions and vision.


Coworking spaces aren’t really expensive unless you go to the fancier ones. In our observation however, spaces appeal more to start-ups, self-employed people and professional or amateur freelancers. Regardless of your profession, a co-working space, by definition, is a place that should fit your budget and needs. And PopCorn Studio is one of the most budget friendly, conveniently located & community building co-working space.

Round-the-clock availability

The coworking spaces are now open round the clock. This is helpful for high growth startups that tend to work 12 or even 14 hours a day. At the same time, if you are someone who only needs the space during regular work hours, you must know that you might still be paying for round-the-clock access.